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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Yarn Bank Is Now Open!

Hey guys! I’m officially taking over the task of the Homespun Helpers Yarn Bank! I’ve got tons of space (and storage bins) so feel free to start sending out all that yarn that you no longer use! We’ll take any type of yarn, any amount (from full skeins to your smallest leftover ball). There’s a spreadsheet up on the Yahoo Group that will be kept up to date with all the yarn that’s available, so if you’re in need of yarn for a charity project, don’t hesitate to look there first.

As you send yarn, here’s a few things to keep in mind, things that will help me out TREMENDOUSLY.

On a piece of paper, please include your name, your e-mail, and the following information:
* The yarn fiber content (wool, acrylic, etc)
* The amount of yardage, if known (usually on the ball-band)
* The brand of the yarn (also, usually on ball band)
* “weight” of the yarn (ie – sport weight, worsted weight, etc)

If you’re sending a full skein, even though this info can be found on the ball band, please write it down. It will ensure that the yarn will get posted faster. If you’re sending along yarn that you don’t have all the information on, don’t feel bad – just fill out what you can. I’ll weigh yarn that we don’t know the yardage on, and then calculating the WPI so that I can figure out the yarn weight, so that should help people out.

Once you’ve got that info on a piece of paper, throw your yarn (and a buck or two to help with shipping the yarn out to the future recipient if you can) into a box and send it to:

Robyn charles
Po box 6487
Omaha, ne 68106

Also, shoot me an e-mail at robyn DOT charles AT gmail DOT com when you’ve mailed a package out, so I know to look in my mail box!

One final note: I’ll be heading over to ravelry and promoting this amongst the charity knitting groups, and if you know of groups in other spaces, e-mail me to let me know about them so I can promote it there as well!

1 comment:

Kelli said...

I don't knit or sew, so this is a good way for me to help. I'll plan to contribute to the yarn bank whenever I'm employed again!