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Monday, December 29, 2008

We're almost there!

Well, it's December 29. How did that happen?!?

It's been a great year, as I've said before, and I'm really excited for 2009!

Please remember that even though we've been talking a lot about the square drive for January, you do not HAVE to do that. Indeed, with the hard times our country is going through, shelters and other charities will need items now more than ever, especially after the "season of giving" is over. So keep those items coming in to our own Sandy's Bridge Project and other causes near and dear to your heart.

Remember too that once January 1st hits, we will be starting our participation incentive. You make an item and post it, you get entered into a drawing for a skein of yarn of your choice. It doesn't matter what the item is, and everyone only gets entered once, so it's a completely equal drawing. The one thing I ask is that you do post a picture to participate!

Hope everyone is well and staying warm and dry and safe. If you have any questions or concerns, just ask!


Sandy said...

Popping in to read and catch up this morning, lol only a wee bit of morning left...but with the wine and bubbly we consume last night we all really really slept in. Nice.

So, I see our page is a different color, perhaps after a 2nd cup of java I'll see other differences.

Starting a new year is always exciting to me, it's like a new fresh start.

Stay warm, healthy and happy one and all.,

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