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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hep me, Hep me!

Hey folks,

So I'm trying to build up some good information, but I need your help!

In terms of links, what are some charity causes that you like to donate to but you can never remember what their URL is? I have links over on our page for Afghans for Afghans, Warm up America, and Caps for a Cure, but I'm sure there are a ton more I could put in there.

I also would like to start filling in our drive schedule. We have Sandy's Bridge Project as a trial run for this month. I was thinking the Red Scarf Project might be a good one to promote in January.

Anyone else have any ideas/preferences?

Let me know!


robyn said...

i'm always collecting preemie caps for my local hospital, and would love to be one of the monthly drives!

also, we could do a Dulaan project drive in june, so that the items would be there by their July cut-off for the year.

and a Warm Woolies drive one of the months - they do so much good!

Kelli said...

I send cards to A Million Thanks and as much stuff as possible to my local domestic violence shelter, Penelope House. Someone here was doing a Lupus drive at one point...can't remember who that was but I donated jewelry. I plan to donate yarn when I can and I'm considering donating meals to my local Ronald McDonald House in 09, since I love to cook.

I am always accepting stuff for Penelope House (they house women AND children) and card stock/stationery for A Million Thanks.

Sandy said...

Not sure Jan would be the best month for Red Scarf, as they don't collect stuff til the fall, so perhaps having it later would be better.

I like Marine Corp Kids (group here on blogger), Lil_Troopers on yahoo, both send items for newborns who's daddy's are deployed.


Margie the Ladybug said...

Oh...what's the charity that collects red scarves for kids for Valentine's Day? I thought that was the Red Scarf project.


Priscilla said...

Margie, I think you are right. You are thinking of the Red Scarf Project, but Sandy is right that they only collect for 2 months in the fall. Then they sort what they receive and get everything to the college kids for Valentine's Day. They have gotten so many scarves in the past that they actually had to curtail when and how much everyone donates.

I haven't been doing much charity work recently, so I'm having trouble coming up with any names. I have been following Mittens for Akkol, but they don't have a website, just a Yahoo and Ravelry group. What about a monthly drive where we make items to donate locally, though?

I just remembered that Save the Children (which is headquartered here in my neck of the woods) is collecting preemie/baby hats again to send around the world. That might make a good January drive. I'm not sure what their timeline is, but I think we would still be in time.