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Monday, June 2, 2008

Regional Summer Contest Week 1 Update

Here is the update for the first week of competition:

Team Ohio:
12 items!!! This total comes from 1 mobius posted by Jorie and 11 beautiful items posted by Sandy!

Team Godzilla (a.k.a Team North):
**15 items! This total comes from one crochet/knit quilt from Snoopingmother and 2 quilted Afghans by Zortified!

Team New England:
**13 items!! This comes from 8 items + 1 Afghan from Ascelline :)

**For clarification, knit/crochet/individually quilted Afgans are counted as 5 items because of the time/labor that it takes to make just one. Correspondingly, quilted Afghans with donated squares are counted as 4 items for the same reason. The point is not to penalize individuals/teams for choosing to make more time consuming/labor intensive items. Obviously, an afghan takes more time than a scarf or square!

People have been posting items without the Personal Achievement tags. If you do not tag your posts, then the items will not be counted! I have to be a stickler about this because there are members NOT participating and I do not have the time to personally ask and/or assume which members are or are not participating. Please go back and tag any posts from May 1 forward if you want those items to count!!!

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