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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Where you at? ( I've got two turn tables and a microphone)

Hi everyone!

Just doing a check-in for our last weekend of June (already!). How are your Summers going? What projects are you working on, both craft-wise and in the garden?

Enquiring minds must know!

I've got a message for Robyn and Waldo -- I have fun fur scarves for Patty, preemie hats (5), and 10 ferret toys all packed up. I was going to take them to the post office today and send them off to ya. However, yesterday I managed to fall down (ankle gave out) and now my footsy is swollen and purple, so no driving for me :( I will send them off on Monday because I'm sure I'll be able to drive by then, but Robyn, this means I will not make your 7/1 deadline. Argh. Sorry about that!

That's it from here. Hope everyone is well! :)


Anonymous said...

you'll be fine with the hats. i'm not going to take the stuff to the hospital to donate until the monday after 4th of july, so they should be here by then. and if they aren't? they'll just get tossed into the next package to go!

Sandy said...

Sorry to har about your ankle. Would you like to borrow my crutches? Lost track of the number of sprained ankles I've had over time, and thus hubby gave in years ago and bought a pair of crutches rather than renting them. Uses to play racquet ball and volley ball and every time I'd play in a tournament would end up with an injury. Finally decided this wasn't so good for me. Guess not all exercise is good exercise. lol

Hope you iced it well afterwards, kept it elevated, and didn't over use it for awhile.

Just back in town last night from vacation, sipping coffee, trying to get awake and back in the grove today.

Take Care