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Sunday, June 8, 2008

my next project

I have given careful thought of what I want to attack next. In the end, the decision seems pretty obvious.

For the last few months, I have been working on making things for a very local cause. Now, I want to do something for a cause in every single state.

I need your help with this...if you have a cause in your state that is particularly close to your heart, let me know and I will gladly support it.

In this day and age of the internet, the old phrase "not in my backyard" has changed. Surely your country is now your backyard.

I'm calling this project Crafting the Nation.

So here is a list of the states. Help me find a cause in each one.

Arizona: Ninjasezzy preemie drive
California: Twizittles local oncology ward drive
Connecticut: Salvation Army w/Priscilla's Guild
Michigan: South Oakland Shelter
Nebraska: Robyn's preemie hat drive
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina: Newborns in Need
North Dakota
Ohio: Items made and donated for a local homeless women's shelter
Oklahoma: Crosh-aid
Oregon: Baby Love Blanket Drive
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota: Pretty Bird Woman House
Texas: Prayer shawls for Crazigriffen's mom's church
West Virginia
Wyoming: Homeless Coalition


Sandy said...

Thats an interesting idea. I've been actually trying to find things closer to home to do the reverse of what you're doing. lol To save on postage. I've not contributed to a local (Ohio) charity is probably 2 years. There was a foster care program I really liked contributing too, but the lady that organized it became very ill and the group disbanded. I've been sorta looking for something I could really sink my teeth into. So am curious, you've listed Ohio; but have it marked off?

It's Monday, going for a coffee refill in the kitchen. Have a good one.


Priscilla said...

I usually work on making items for the hospital and the Salvation Army in Danbury, CT, but I don't have websites for those donations. I just make the donation through my crochet guild. (We have a website that is years out of date, so that won't help either.)

Connecticut is probably best known for the Prayer Shawl Ministry, however. The website is http://www.shawlministry.com

I don't usually contribute to them because it takes me a long time to make a shawl, and I can make a lot of hats, mittens and scarves in the same amount of time.

Also, the Woolworks website lists charity groups by state, if that helps.

Priscilla said...

Just in case anyone saw this on their blog readers, I just posted to this blog by mistake and immediately deleted the entry. Sorry about that - I guess I'm not as awake as I thought this morning!

Priscilla said...

MargietheLadyBug, thank you for your comment on my blog yesterday. If you would be willing to help with our Salvation Army drive, that would be wonderful! We usually do fine with preemie items for the hospital, and other groups in the area make preemie items as well. But we never get enough items for the Salvation Army. We donate sets, but we are willing to take individual hats, mittens & scarfs that we then put into sets. We do try to concentrate on children's sizes, particularly ages 5-8 and 8-12. And we do cheat a little and augment the sets with store bought items if we need to. Thank you again for your offer!

Priscilla said...

We usually use acrylic or an acrylic/wool blend for the Salvation Army donation. Connecticut gets cold in the winter but not frigid. MargietheLadyBug, I will message you on Ravelry with my address. We won't start collecting until October/November. I can let you know the exact date when it gets closer. Thank you again!