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Thursday, June 12, 2008


Did I scare everyone away?

Well, if you are having the kind of weather I am living in, making afghans is not exactly going to be your top priority. So, I've decided that we're going to just keep working on our 50 afghans for Afghans for Angels until we're done, unless anyone has a problem with that. It's just too darned hot!

As for me, thanks to Robyn I got the hang of making preemie hats. I have one of those sampler books where each square is a different stitch, and I've found that if you start making the square according to the pattern and then decrease down when you've got 6 inches of length, it makes a pretty cute little hat! Pictures to come soon :)

Hope everyone is well!


Priscilla said...

I still intend to make a few more blankets, but I have held off while my hand has been sore. I'm making my third preemie hat right now, and I cast on for a baby hat as well. I'll post when I'm ready to mail the hats to Robyn. And my hand is feeling much, much better, so I should be back to crocheting next week.

Sandy said...

Cool idea...the way you're doing the hats. Sizing is always a problem for me with regard to preemies. I keep thinking I should buy myself a doll to use. lol

Have a grat wkend. Taking some yarn outside now to roll into balls.