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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Call for fun fur scarves!

Is anyone collecting fun fur scarves? I have 3 made and almost a fourth and am kind of on a roll with them...I was going to donate them to my local shelter thingy but ran out of time.

If ya need 'em, I can make more and send 'em to ya. Just let me know.


Anonymous said...

um,yeah! my mom collects them and gives them to the cancer research center in her area for the women undergoing treatment for breast cancer.

that was a mouthfull!

if you want to send them to her, e-mail me (robyn.charlesATgmailDOTcom) and i'll give you her address!

Sandy said...

ave them for The Red Scarf Project. Teens love the fun fur stuff, and the college age kids seem to be the group that gets the least attention. Seems as we read blogs, many of us do lots for babies, and seniors. The Red Scarf Project is a wonderful program that encourages college age kids.

I've always been told people/women are highly sensitive when undergoing chemo and radiation for breast (or any other form of cancer), cancer so would think the fun fur could be an issue. Surprised they accept them, harder to wash etc. I remember having to wash/sterile everything for my friend when she was undergoing her treatments.

What hospital does your mom donate to, Robyn? Would be happy to add to my list.