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Thursday, June 5, 2008

It's Ready to Go

Hey everyone,

Well, I finally heard back from my contact at the shelter, and all of the donated items I've collected this year for my local drive are going to be saying goodbye to me tomorrow. She is going to use the weekend to take pictures of some of the residents in the stuff that was made in order to make a special card for my dad.

I thought you all would like to see some tangible evidence of some of the hard work that goes on in this community -- in fact, just a fraction:


I've got approximately 40 items here, including several sets, either of hats/mittens/scarves or hats/scarves.

I am so very pleased.

Snoopingmother, I was hoping I'd get your package today but it wasn't there :( I am so sorry about how suddenly this all worked out. Let me know what you would like done with the items that you sent.

Thank you, everyone who helped. I am really excited to present these items to a local charity in my uncle's name.

Now my big question is: what do I work on making next?!? :)


Sandy said...

Awesome! What a nice mound of goodies for such a worthy cause. I think it's great, and a very special way to heal. I think/ no I know he would have been proud.

thanks for the distinction between the two, so; I guess I still then have the question; do I mark them for both?

Thanks for your patience

Priscilla said...

I'm so glad you got enough items for your donation. Everything looks great - lots of warm heads with all those hats. What a wonderful way to honor your uncle's memory.

Sandy said...

Thanks bunches, you're a good teacher. I am currently without questions! lol

Gonna do a little blog visiting then head to work, but wanted to say thanks!
Have a great day

Sandy said...

I should add, I've updated my tags (which should help my Team Ohio). I didn't realize we had the ability to categorize so well. Must go back and rework my own blog accordingly. Will help me keep track of where items went. I think I was thinking of tagging pictures like in flicker or other picture places where space for tagging was limited and one needed to be overly creative with abbreviations. So creative, that later you'd look at it and wonder what it meant. lol

This is fun, I'm so glad I've joined in.

Have a wonderful day all

david santos said...

I loved this post and this blog.
Happy weekend.