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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Ohio....Counting, here's 11 more

Hi all,

Hoping to get a few more things done; as there's still room in the box. Like it to be full when I send it off...thought it would be with this donation...not quite though.

All going to Caring House in Michigan, Battered Womens Shelter. 5 Hats (4 teen-1 baby), 4 pair of slippers (2 baby, 2 teen-adult), 1 poncho, 1 vest.


Sandy said...

Seems I'm missing a picture of a blue babies hat. 11 to count, but only 10 pictures. Shoot. Sorry, didn't realize I missed that one.

Margie the Ladybug said...

Hiya Sandy,

Can you please tag this post "Regional Summer Contest 08," "Team Ohio"?

The tags will help Jezebel keep track of the tallies.

Thanks! And your work is GORGEOUS!!! Wow!

Sandy said...

Thanks for the tip on labels/tags. I'm learning new things every day. And thanks too for the nice compliment on my work.


risk2much said...

Sandy, these are gorgeous!