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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Stuff it or leave it

Hey everyone,

We've run into a problem consistently that I would like to rectify immediately, and that problem is achieving "stuffing" items for our various bag projects.

Now, the point of this is not to point fingers, lay the blame on any one person, or anything like that.


It makes people feel very stressed out and abandoned when they are told they are going to get help contributing items and then everyone disappears. I'd like to put an end to this trend in this community right away.

We have some very exciting projects blossoming here, and I'd love to see them all grow and expand beyond the horizons of this group. However, if we cannot be depended upon, and if we can't depend on each other within this group...ain't gonna happen.

I want to see a game plan by the end of this weekend on how we can address this problem. If I do not see a game plan by the end of this weekend and someone(s) taking charge, I am going to put an end to Bag Of Home, Classroom Crafters, and Bag of Sunshine. It is not worth the stress that it causes people when they have a ton of bags and nothing to fill them with, and I certainly never want one person to feel like they have to contribute everything.

Ideas have included contacting stores, churches, or other charitable organizations to help us with this, and to start a community exclusively for non-crafted items in this group.

E-mail or talk to each other and let me know what you come up with.

I am not wanting to be a jerk, but this has been an ongoing problem now, and I want to put an end to it before anyone gets to feeling really and truly hurt.

Thanks, everyone!

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