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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Caron Square contest

Hello All,

I went back and looked at the about.com link regarding the Caron Contest as well as this link here:


It does specify in both places that the squares for the contest need to be made out of simply soft yarn -- it's a self-promotion thing for them so I guess that makes sense.

Any squares that have been submitted that were not made out of simply soft can go either to our own crazigriffen for one of our own WUA blankets or they can be submitted directly to Warm Up America.



robyn said...

okay, so then at this point i'm not sure which squares people sent to me that were made with that yarn. should i just send the huge box of squares i've got on to WUA then? because at this point i've got like 80 between the ones people have submitted and the ones i've made.

JorieJC2 said...

I think the ones snoopingmother sent are good to go. Eliseamelie said that she did not specifically use simply soft...if it's easier for you not to sort, that's fine, and we can all just put it in high gear for the next couple of weeks...

robyn said...

no, it's not a big deal to sort! if we know those ones are definitely the right yarn, then i'll pull those out, and any that look/feel like they're that yarn i'll put aside too. the rest i'll just send on to WUA in a separate box, and i'll pick up some simply soft and get busy!