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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Caron Square contest - clarification needed

Hey all,

I think there might be some confusion about the Caron Square contest...maybe just in my own head.

Although squares for Warm Up American can be in any kind of yarn, it was my understanding that squares going to the Caron "Warm up the world" contest have to be made with Caron brand yarn...maybe even specifically "simply soft" yarn.

Is this a fact?

Someone help! :)


robyn said...

well, on the flyer thing i've got, it doesn't say that. we've all been making them in a variety of yarns (or maybe just i have?) ...

if we DO have to make them in the caron yarn only, i've got a ton of squares i've been making that AREN'T in that yarn. and for those that have sent me squares that aren't in that yarn, i can just send them in a separate bundle to WUA.

but like i said, the flyer doesn't say it has to be caron.

Priscilla said...

The only place I have seen info on this contest is an ad in Creative Knitting magazine. It says "Submit any number of knit or crocheted 7" X 9" sections in any Simply Soft yarn before May 1, 2008." It also says to send entries to:

Soften the World Sweepstakes
1481 W. 2nd St.
Washington, NC 27889

I haven't seen any info on this online, at either the Caron's or WUA websites, but maybe I just didn't look in the right places.