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Monday, March 24, 2008


Those of you who have been in this group from the very beginning *sniff* may remember that there was a reason for choosing a weird number like 3,000 for our first year's goal.

When jpettibone and I started Homespun Helpers in January of 2007, it had recently been announced that the 3,000th US soldier had been killed in Iraq. We wanted to create a charity group, but we also wanted to balance the pain that all of those deaths caused by trying to create some sunshine.

When thinking about a goal for this year, I didn't just want to create a goal that would be more than last year. I wanted to create a goal that would be equally meaninful. It was my hope that that we would not reach the 4,000th death in Iraq at all, and certainly not so early in the year. But here we are.

This group does not ask anyone to voice their political views, and I am not going to impose mine here. But we can all agree that it is deeply sad that so many have lost their lives, and I think we can all agree that sending some good vibes out into the world as a counterweight against that sadness can't be a bad thing.

So, this year, as we send out our items to people who need us, stop every once in awhile and think about our friends, our co-workers, maybe even our family members who are being deeply touched by these statistical updates from Iraq. Let us continue to do good for all whom we can reach. In these trying times, everyone can probably use a lift.


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