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Thursday, March 13, 2008

march donations

march donations
Originally uploaded by craftyone77

these are the items i took to creighton yesterday to give to the nicu. there's six baby hats, one more toddler-sized hat, a pair of booties and two baby vests.

i'm going to try to donate stuff to them once a month, even if it's just ten items at a time. it forces me to focus on others, bust my stash, and do some good all at once.

i've got one more item on the needles (i'll post a pic later), and then i'm going to make a bunch of squares from some leftover balls of yarn i've got laying around.


JorieJC2 said...

Awsome! And that's a great goal :)

Sandy said...

Adorable!! I see you're a knitter. I've crocheted more than knit, until the last year. Been working to improve my knitting knowledge and skills. I love the swirl hat you made. Is that a hard pattern? Are you able to share? I also love the purple item, is it a little jumper or shirt? Sorry from the size in the picture I wasn't sure. It's cute either way and might also ask about that. Since I've crocheted so much more than knitted. I have a box of crochet patterns, and only a few knitting ones.

Nice work!

Mary L. said...

That is SO cute!