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Sunday, March 2, 2008

I got carried away

I want to send my thank-yous to eliseamelie, doclegs, bunnybutt, zort, and others, who expressed to me that I lately have been straying from what this group is all about.

I think I got addicted to the idea of how much good we have been doing as a group, and I want this to grow and expand into new directions. I know that for some people, crafting is not really an option, and I was trying to add things to this group that might entice other people to join and participate.

This is not to say that I fail to appreciate everyone here or everything that we have done and are doing. It's just...the more we do, the more need I see, and it feels like we could fill other gaps too.

But, our niche, as was so rightly pointed out to me, is making special handmade items for people who need them, and I am perfectly content with that.

So, pardon my schizophrenia. Thank you for keeping me straightened out :)

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