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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

And now...goaly goodness

Well, clearly I did a horrible job of challenging everyone in February. I think we reset the goal three times and then I just gave up! Not complaining, not complaining :)

I'm going to set out two goals today, one for March and one for mid-year.

The mid-year goal is not going to be very surprising:

2,000. Yep. That would be half of our overall goal of 4,000. See that magic?

Now, for March. Right now we are at about 450 items. If we could get to 800 items by the end of this month, then we could maybe get to like, 1200 in April, 1400 in May, and we'd still need a monster June, but 2,000 would be in reach.

So, for March...800 is our goal. We need round abouts 350 items to get there.

Are you up for it????

1 comment:

Sandy said...

How or where does one enter what they've made in order to keep track of the numbers?
Even though it's past could you fill me in one the square contest?
I see the mitten one still has a little time left; but I've got to finish up on a few things and so that too will pass. Trying to look through a bit today and see whats going on.