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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wednesday Update -- on Tuesday

I know, why do I even try to set patterns? My middle of the month person can get announced anywhere from the 1st to the 30th. My Wednesday updates can come between Tuesday and Thursday. Oh well :)

So, first, as I mentioned before, we have hit the 1,000 mark. We are now at 1070 items, in fact! This is very very cool. Do you think we can get close to 2000 in the next week? That would be a lot of posting, but you all have made me pee myself in shock before (yes, it was gross).

Oh, yeah, the regional contest. So, here is where we are so far:

Team Godzilla: 97

Team Arizona: 93

Team Ohio: 56

Team New England: 0

I am so glad I announced that I would be crafting for Team New England. As you all can see, I didn't enter myself into the contest because I am so valuable for teams...*snort...chortle* No really, I will play. But I have had a need come up for two "big people" afghans -- one for friends who just got married and one for friends celebrating a special anniversary. I am desperate to get them done, not only because of the timing of these events but also because working on giant afghans in the Summer STINKS!

Just a reminder, please make sure to try to visit one of our sites that you don't often visit -- Ravelry, Livejournal, Facebook, Yahoo Groups...everyone is doing amazing work. Show your support!

And finally, don't forget to worship at our shrine for Robyn, our star of the month, who brought into our midst 2 trailers worth of yarn for charity work :)

Love and hugs to you all!!!

1 comment:

robyn said...

hey, i know i'm nowhere near New England, but i never did join a group, and i'm about to start busting out on some squares for The Ghana Project, so can i throw myeslf into the New England ring, help them restore themselves to glory?