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Thursday, June 18, 2009


so this is going to seem like a form letter, because it sort of is. i just didn't know the best way to get this info to as many people as possible, as fast as possible.

I’m in contact with a woman who has two semi-trailers full of yarn she wants to get to charity knitters.

Two. Trailers.

She wants to get it to the fine knitters of the world so they can make some great charity projects, and I’m hoping you all can help me.

Here’s the details:

For $20 (to cover shipping) she’ll send a FedEx box to anywhere in the United States, packed to the gills with acrylic yarn. It’ll be Red Heart, Lion Brand, etc, and is all discontinued colors. You can request worsted, sport, or baby weight, but I can’t take color requests.

If you’re outside of the US, contact me first so I can get a price estimate.

If you’re interested, send me the money to the following paypal address: rmcdevine@gmail.com

Include your shipping address, what yarn weight you’d like, and any additional information you feel we’d need to know.

Also, feel free to pass this on to any other knitters/crocheters you know who are making things for charity and could benefit from a super cheap pile of acrylic yarn. Remember, acrylic is great for hospital and nursing home donations, baby items, and Warm Up America squares!


Margie the Ladybug said...

Thanks, star of the month :)

miaosherow said...

That is amazing. If I hadn't just bought some Spring Greens from the Yarn Bank, I might be interested. Aw, who'm'I kidding, I might be interested, anyway. This is great. I'm passing the info along to others. Yay for unloading yarn.

Katie, Darling! said...

Can I get two boxes on the first? I don't have the funds til then, but we'll get paid on the first. (mixed lots of all weights and colors makes me happy!)

(also, depending on this month's commission check, I may want more on the sixth)

Katie, Darling! said...

Also, we may be able to get some before then, depending on how things go at my fiance's job. mmmmm. Yarn.

miaosherow said...

Maybe I can order some next week. If there are any next...

Anonymous said...

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