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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wednesday Wednesday

Hi everyone,

Well, here where I live it's going to be a balmy high of 8 degrees I think. I just wish it wasn't always so gosh darned nice around here. It REALLY is a burden. Hem haw hum.

Experiencing this weather is interesting, in all seriousness. It's junky when you go out in it but I have a warm apartment and an even warmer bed that I can look forward to. The people that we make things for might not have any of that. I am using that fact to inspire me this week, and I also want to send special applause Sandy's way for supporting the less fortunate of her own hometown through her Bridge Project.

We're about halfway through the month and we're just shy of being halfway to the month's goal of 50. I may or may not be cooking some things up. You just can't tell.

Post here with works in progress, status on your own personal goals, etc.

Happy crafting!

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