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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It's Wednesday!

Hey, guess what?! It's the first Wednesday of the new year!

I'm going to go back to inviting everyone to post works in progress on Wednesdays and also to remind everyone of the info on current drives. As we have discussed, our drive for January is squares for Warm up America along with Sandy's Bridge Project. James and Crazigriffen (Anne) have volunteered out of the goodness of their hearts to sew squares together. You can contact James via the Yahoo groups page or really anywhere -- he is like Dark Man. Everywhere yet nowhere. Everyone yet no one. He IS...Zort-Man. Ehem, you can contact Crazigriffen via an lj message to get her address. If you want to save on postage, check to see if one of your local craft stores is collecting squares. Pat Catans, a craft store around here, is actually having sewing parties so they are collecting a lot of squares!

We are at 12 items so far...do you think we could hit 50 in our first month? Let's see if we can :)

Happy Hump Day!

1 comment:

Sandy said...

Cool...we have a goal for the month. I like that idea.

WIP, just finished another scarf for my daughter last night which will be mailed on my way to work.

Candy Corn Ghan for Victory Camp, which has been a wip for way too long, but I do keep chipping away at it.

Christmas ghan which I foolishly started for 08 then came to my senses and plan to work on it off and on for Christmas of 09 (family gift)

Rectangles for WUA (got some done, working on others), sending to James

Ghan for co-worker, got yarn, and finally found the right pattern...yikes don't even know if that counts as a wip.

Baby stuff for Ninja, Marine Corp Kids, and a few other locations. Got a few new sweater and onsie pattersn I'm anxious to try. Taking yarn to work today

MITTENS...found I think the mitten pattern that will work for me, for The Bridge Project. Should have typed this first as I think this is my focus for this week.

Happy Wednesday to all