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Thursday, January 1, 2009

blanket for donation

blanket for donation
Originally uploaded by craftyone77

my first FO of 2009, and it's for charity! i finally got the first blanket made out of all the squares everyone's been sending me. apparently i'm not that good at sewing things together! but it's done, it's got a crochet border, and it's ready to donate!

for the record, on the second blanket i'm sewing together out of more squares? i'm crocheting them together. and i got a ton of them put together today alone. the second blanket will take a mere few days, i think!


Sandy said...

Congrats one your first item for 09. Where are you donating it? I'm curious how you put it together; is it tied like the old style quilts?


Anonymous said...

i'm donating it to Mosaic Community Development, a local Omaha organization. they work with needy families in the area, so they'll give it to one of them.

this blanket was constructed by sewing the squares together, and then i tied off the sewn pieces between each square to give it a tied look. then i crocheted a border around the whole thing.

in all honesty, it was a big pain to do this way, so for the second one i'm crocheting the squares together and it's going MUCH faster!

Margie the Ladybug said...

It's gorgeous even though it was a pain in your rear :) Congrats on being #1 for 2009!

Sandy said...

I'm with your crochet together plan Robyn. Plus, it's been my experience they hold up better...sorta stretch better as ghans get used so much. Thanks for the details/follow up on how and who.

Keep stitching.

I've got some rectangles I'm sending off to James in a week or so (Hoping to get more done), for WUA. He said he'd collect and stitch together.


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