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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Warm Up America....get ready James

This is the start of my rectangles for James. He'll put them together for Warm Up America. 9 so far, but plan to make more.



Real Life Mad Man said...

Lookin good! Do they have Pat Catans down where you are? My local one is collecting squares and then having sew together parties. I think it's pretty neat :)

Sandy said...

I'm not familiar with Pat Catans. Is it a store?
Sometimes Michaels plan a day where folks come and put together, but I usually don't find out far enough ahead to be able to attend, and figured since James volunteered, I'd send his way.

Anonymous said...

i agree your idea ! very nice blog

James said...

Excellent! I had better find my yarn needle. :-)

Anonymous said...

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