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Monday, September 22, 2008

Tough Times Ahead

Hi Everyone,

It was brought to my attention over the weekend that there is a chance that sometimes my random shooting off of ideas could be construed by you all as the bar never being high enough, goals never being met. This gave me great pause. It is part of being me that I am never living in the now. In fact, most times, I am living 5-10 years from now :) Not very zen. I am always thinking of what's coming around the corner, what needs might arise...things like that.

Along these lines, I want to make sure you all know how much I do appreciate all of you, no matter what you do in this group. And I want to tell you all that I understand that this whole economic mess is not just a Wall Street thing. We are all going to get pinched -- many of us are already probably feeling pinched. So all the more reason to verbalize as often as possible that I so appreciate everything you all do. I know that shipping costs can be a drag. I know that yarn and fabric costs are increasingly a drag.

If our numbers become more modest in the months to come, if our goals become a little bit smaller, so be it. I never want any of you to feel pressured here, and if I do make you feel that way, just tell me to shove it! I won't be offended, I promise. And what I hope more than anything is that even if our crafting has to slow down, we can all still share ideas and talk about the good old days when a drive to the craft store wasn't cost prohibitive...I mean, just the drive, not all of the shopping :)

I adore you all, I appreciate you all, and know that it's true even when I post some loony idea about knitting a poncho cuz the moon looks cold :)

1 comment:

Sandy said...

I sorta like you're stream of conscienousness (sp). We may not all be able to participate in each and every challenge, but ideas help to keep us thinking about what we can do, or can't.

Been working on a 4th scarf for Sp. Olympics, but am not real pleased with it. Might frog it. Maybe I'll look at it tomorrow in the light of day and see how I feel. It's been a long day.