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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

10 items for Ninja Challenge

Hi Folks,

Alright, I got no protests or picket signs, so I am very pleased to announce the "10 items for Ninja" challenge.

As a lot of you know, our own ninjasezzy has been really amazing this year making preemie items for her local NICU, where her own son was born and cared for ten years ago.

On December 15, Ninja's son will get to visit this NICU, and at that time, we'd love to have a stock pile of items that Ninja can donate as well. I think the hospital would appreciate it, but we would also get to consider it an early Christmas present for this delightful community member of ours.

The goal is for us each, as individuals, to try to make ten items and send them either to Ninja or to your local preemie unit. No special counting...hats = 1, pair of mittens = 1, pair of socks = 1, etc.

When you post your ten items, which can be ten hats, ten pairs of socks, whatever, please tag your post with 10 items for Ninja challenge, just so we can keep track of how many folks are able to reach this goal.

If you have any questions just ask!

1 comment:

Sandy said...

A very worthy goal for us all. Thanks for suggesting the links etc. at Bev's for sizing, appreicate it. Hoping to get ends tucked in and pictures up tomorrow of 3 scarfs for The Red Scarf Project, and a scarf for the Special Olympics. Depends how exciting the OSU game is tonight. We're heading to friends to watch the game (big tv).

Hope all are having a wonderful wkend. Hoping none of our friends in the areas being affected by Ike, stay safe, and dry one and all.