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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Operation Bag of home

Hi everyone,

Some of you may recall mentions about another charity I am working on with a friend of mine. The project is called Operation Bag of Home, and the idea is that we hand-make bags, fill them with little toiletries and/or fun stuff, and then ship the bags to troops overseas.

We are changing our approach a little bag and have come up with a few "themed" bags with exact lists of what would go into each bag. I am going to be making prototypes of each type of bag shortly...bags are basically like making 2 squares and sewing them together :) We are also going to be working on bags intended specifically for female troops...we were thinking of including some small hair doo-dads in there. If anyone is into sewing but hasn't really felt like there's a charitable need for quick projects I think it would be neat to include some homemade pony tail or bun holders in these bags.

Here is the list of themed bags we are working on:

General Sanitary Package - MALE
1 bottle 1 - 2oz hand sanitizer
travel size toothpaste & toothbrush
travel size kleenex pack
travel size q-tips
1 tube chapstick

General Sanitary Package - FEMALE
1 bottle - 2oz hand sanitizer
travel size deodorant
1 small package hair ties and/or bobby pins
travel size toothpast & toothbrush
1 tube flavored chapstick
travel size comb

Extreme Weather - HOT
2 tubes chapstick
travel size sunblock
8 - 10 flavor drink mix pouches (20oz bottle size)
1 bottle 1 - 2oz hand sanitizer

THEME - Thanksgiving
letters and cards (not for bags, but to send with box)
small bag individually wrapped candies (no chocolate March through September)
2 pouches tuna fish
1 small box goldfish crackers
8 - 10 flavor drink mix pouches (20oz bottle size)
1 bottle 1 - 2oz hand sanitizer

Silly/Fun Bag
small bag individually wrapped candies (no chocolate March through September)
1 small canister silly string
2 small sized slim jims
1 SMALL water squirt guns

Visit us over at http://community.livejournal.com/operationboh if you are interested!

1 comment:

Sandy said...

Sounds like a project, are the bags to be knit/crocheted/or sewn...or any of the above? What size?

I'm wondering wheather flavored lipstick is a good idea? It seems to young, and then also wondering about allergies etc. Perhaps chapstick would be better?

I've wondered for some time about how to do toothbrushes? Not specifically for troops, but thinking about homeless shelter type bags. I've collected and sent shampoo, lotion, soap etc. You know the stuff from hotels we all seem to have. Would like to include a toothbrush and you can buy in bulk pretty reasonably; but couldn't figure out how to send 1 brush after package had been opened. Thought perhaps you had a thought about that.