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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

October Contest information

I'd like to let folks know about the October contest I will be hosting. The contest is called One For One.

During the month of October, post one item made for charity and tag it with the contest tag. This one item will be your entry into the contest. Entrants may ONLY post one entry to the contest! (You can make as many items as you like during October. But you may only enter one into the contest.)

On November 1st, a name will be drawn at random from the entries and that person will receive a prize: a gift certificate to JoAnn.com.

This contest seeks to do two things. The first is to remind us all that each item we make for charity can make one person's life better. A single hat can warm a homeless person all winter. A single blanket can make a person (or animal!) feel loved. A piece of jewelry can make a person feel beautiful and confident. Any item can be auctioned to raise money for a charity to feed, clothe, or house someone.

One item is important. One item can improve the quality of life for a person. So that's what we're asking you to do: make one item.

The second purpose of the contest is this: there are a lot of members who have never posted, who have never shared with us the things they do. It's never been required, or demanded, that you share publically what you do. But we'd like to encourage all our members to become active members and to post just one thing. Make one item, take a picture, tell us about it. It can be anything, and go to any charitable organisation you like. One item.

So in October, make an item for charity and enter the contest and remember that it isn't about what you make, how much you make, or where you give the items to. What matters most is that you do something. One thing can make a real difference.

The rules:

One item finished during the month of October 2008 and posted with the appropriate contest tag.
One item/entry per person.
Any item that is made for charity, big or small. One preemie hat or one bed-sized quilt or anything in-between.
Any charity.

If you have any questions, please ask!

1 comment:

Sandy said...

Awesome idea. I really like the way you're emphasing how each and every item is of value and important. I sometimes think people over look that, or feel like they can't participate in something because they have less time than someone else. Very nice!

Thanks for all you do here to encourage others.

and now...drum roll, I am caught up reading each blog note and enjoying the pictures. Next up, gonna update my page.