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Monday, September 15, 2008

Listy goodness

Hey folks,

Thanks to the brilliant leftygirl, the topic came up of how to keep track of drives going on, and what also came to my mind is how to keep track of contests.

In our livejournal community I have added some current drives to the profile area. In our blogspot community, I have replaced the "monthly recap" square along the right-hand side with a current drives blog.

Please check out these two locations and let me know if they are prominent enough.

I would then like a volunteer to keep track of these so that I can post everything (or take down drives) in a timely fashion to both blogs. Any takers?

thanks :)

1 comment:

Sandy said...

I had to really look for your updates, and don't think I would have seen them except that I'm in catch up mode and am reading all the posts since I was last here....which is how I saw your blog post regarding the updates. I think they should be on the top of your side bar area rather than after all the other stuff. And since people who are here, probably aren't on livejournal and your other area, links to and or email ady's for people's names would be helpful. For like Robyn etc.

Wonder if like the ticker thingy I have on my blog would be helpful for each of those groups so the count for each project could be on going or live?

Need more coffee, and will continue to read here to get caught up...at least in this one group/blog. lol Need more time, don't we all.