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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Regional Summer Contest Final Update!!

First. I want to thank everyone for their AMAZING work this summer! Second, I want to post the TOTAL number of items counted for this contest ....


and now on to the tally ....

Team Godzilla - 153

Team Ohio - 181

Team New England/Chowdaheads - 204

Team Dust Devils - 249

Congratulations and thank you goes out to each and everyone of you for making this such successful summer!!!

I promise that an update will be coming soon for the Personal Achievement Contest, but I can only do so much tallying at one time :)


Sandy said...

Awesome numbers! Congrats to the Chowder Heads for the winning and congrats to all who participated. A super group effort.
And Thanks for organizing it, made it fun!

Sandy said...

Oophs pardon me, Dust Devils, I looked at it wrong.