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Monday, September 8, 2008

Let me know what you think

Hey everybody,

I have GREAT news!

With the afhgan that Ninja just posted, we have finished our 50 afghans for Afghans for Angels! Wooo Wooooo!!!!

Now, here is a new goal, tied to the Regional Summer contest. Tell me if you think this sounds reasonable. I'll give folks till tomorrow night to protest :)

So, as per Ninja, her husband is going to be working in the NICU where Ninja's son was born and taken care of. She was going to take her son there on December 15, 2008 to show him where it all began, 10 years ago.

So here's my idea.

What if all of us try to send 10 preemie items to ninja (or to our own local NICUs) by December 15? No total goal, just a personal goal, and the items can be sets or whatever. Since Ninja has done so much in this community on behalf of her beloved son, I think we can all play too.

Maybe you just post when you have your 10 items ready to send?

Let me know what you think of this idea.

Thanks :)


Anonymous said...

i'm totally up for this idea! also, i'm going to be posting a pattern for a knit preemie hat i've lovingly called "the halloweenie beanie" in a few weeks over at craftandfound.com ... if people are going to be donating their hats before halloween, i can e-mail them an "advance" copy if they want to make cutie halloween hats for the babes.

Margie the Ladybug said...


Sandy said...

Awesome idea. Robyn...not familiar with craftandfound.com...would love a copy of the hat pattern you're talking about. I've not made any preemie things.

Thanks also Margie for reminder Bev has patterns for that on her site.