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Monday, May 26, 2008

preemie hat contest update

hey all ... i'm still running that preemie hat contest over at my personal blog, Craft and Found. and because i know a lot of you have been busy whipping through blankets, i'm extending the contest another month, until july 1, so you all can participate. and remember, the winner gets a $50 amazon gift card!!!

head to this post for the details!

1 comment:

Sandy said...

I just posted several comments, then remembered that here on Blogger if we post comments on older blogs, most generally the person never knows...I keep forgetting because the other blogs you are aware when someone reviews older posts and makes comments. I'm such a creature of habit.

Comments made on Team & Tag Reminders, & Crazy Idea (maybe I did a third one ?)

On the last 2 places where I postsed pics, Jezebel asked if I wanted them counted, I do; but when I went to her page to tell her...there is no page. I put the number to be counted on each of the posts.

Thanks jorlejc2 for the nice compliment on my slippers, in a few minutes I think I'll make another pair; it's kinda fun using up these odds and ends I have.

Wanted to visit my fellow Ohio team pages, but I don't find the names on the list of members. Am I looking at the wrong thing?
Team members listed, beside you and I jorlejc2 are doclegs, leftygirls02, aehallh.


Where do you all send slippers too? I had a nursing home in mind; but the one I used to send things too, seems not to be listed anymore in that group. Perhaps they no longer have a need.