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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Teams and Tag Reminders!

Yup, I have done it. I decided to base the teams based on climate and region :) I have given each team a temporary name, so please feel free to vote and change! Also, recruit friends to join to help your team!

Remember: This contest runs from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Also, Tag your entries so that you items will be counted.

Happy knitting y'all! The teams are below:

Team New England:
ascelinne - Rhode Island
knittingforever - Rhode Island
sen_ich_rei - Mass.

Team North
snoopingmother - Mich.
zortified - Nor Cal
typo_13 - Canada
kindergoth - Korea/Colorado

Team Ohio

Team South

megaminokoton - Okla.
crazigriffen - Texas
eowyn_ulysses - Tenn.
ninjasezzy - Ariz.

PLEASE READ: The personal achievement contest started on May 1, 2008. So far only a few posts have been tagged. I know some of you did not want to participate, so please know that I will only count posts that have tags! I will continue to post reminders, but just know that if it is not tagged, then it is not counted!

1 comment:

Sandy said...

Waving hello to my fellow Ohioan Team Members.

Knit, knit, knit; crochet------
Yeah Ohio

Ok, so a cheerleader I never was. lol

I've been making some hats, and slippers here, need to check all my charity lists and see where things should go; then will post.

Good Luck to you all,