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Thursday, May 1, 2008

It's May Day!

So it is May 1, which mean the celebration of May Day. Ahhh .... the memories of running around the Maypole with my pretty ribbon...

Alas, I am sure that most in this group are celebrating a fabulous April competition as well as the start of the Personal Achievement Contest! I look forward to tallying all your efforts over the next six months (I may need to create an excel spread sheet if you all are as proficient as I think you may be). Also, I am getting excited because two of my local, funky, fabulous yarn stores are about to have their stash buster sales, so I will be posting pics of prize yarn soon!!

A few reminders:

1. TAG your entries. I really need help with this because I will quite literally be tabulating everything everyone of you make from this site as well as the blogspot site. If you don't tag, then you run the risk of having your work not count toward your final tally.

2. Preemie sets will count as 1 item, blankets as five, and other items as one.

3. Please do not take advantage of # 2. For example, I am a baker. I have a particularly sinful cookie recipe that literally makes 100 cookies/batch. However, each cookie is small. Therefore, I would count 10-12 cookies as one item (depending on how many fit into the gift bag). I certainly would not bake 100 cookies and then expect to be counted for 100 items. Thus, Joriejc2 and I will step-in and adjust the numbers if we feel that someone is making mini-projects in order to inflate the total. If you have any concerns, please feel free to voice them :)

4. Remember that we have our Regional Summer Contest that will run from Memorial Day to Labor day. If you are crafting this summer, help out a team! So far, Ohio may need to be its own team. Is that state known for its crafting?? You may post here if you have not done so and I will "regionalize" you :) Deadline is May 4, 2008 or this Sunday for those without a calendar handy.

5. Lastly, items for these contests are not charity specific. i.e. craft for WUA, HMPCWD, Afghans for Angels, or a local charity of your choosing. As long as it is for charity, the items will count!

That's all for now .... I am off to play on excel in anticipation of incoming items!


Priscilla said...

I've been giving the summer contest a lot of thought this week. As much fun as the teamwork was in April, I've decided not to join in over the summer. Unfortunately, summer is the busiest time of year at work. I work in a public library, and I always estimate that our workload triples in summer with all the summer reading programs (and our staffing doesn't change). So between that and the heat & humidity, I probably won't get as much crafting done as usual, and I don't want to let my team down.

Can I still sign up for the personal best contest if I don't do the summer contest? Given my problem over the summer, I probably won't win, but I might be able to recover in the fall and at least compete successfully then. Thanks!

JorieJC2 said...

The two contests are mutually exclusive, so yes, join in on the personal contest fun :) All you have to do is tag your entries so Jezebel knows to count your items :)

Jezebel said...

Thanks for posting Priscilla!

I will be checking posts here and at the the LJ community and counting the items completed for the individual contest.

No worries about the summer contest :) I hope work doesn't keep you too busy!!