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Friday, April 4, 2008

Start Your Engines!

So last night ended the time when you could choose your team for April. Today, we start counting things -- and the team for Afghan Angels already has three items!

So here is how the teams are looking:

How many people can we dress?

This can encapsulate my local drive or items can still go to San Fran for distribution to other places.

On this team are:

joriejc2 (me..hehee :))

Warm Up America

These squares can be made out of anything and will be sent to crazigriffen for sewing purposes (or straight to WUA)

This team is represented by:


Caron Square Contest

We now know that all of these squares have to be made out of Caron Super Soft. These will get sent to Robyn. Because this still won't be going on in a month, if the contest wins, Robyn will get to choose which charity she would like us to pledge items to...she's done a great job trying to run this thing for us :)

On this team:


Chemo Caps

As a couple of people pointed out, they signed up for chemo caps in order to send them to twizzittles. No one signed up for that charity I think because of the confusion, so Chemo Caps peeps, you can send to twizittles or head huggers and they will count :) If anyone wants to send something other than chemo caps to twizzittles, we'll count that as the start of a new team (this would be stuff like scarves, jewelry, etc)

On this team are:


Afghans for Angels

We have two folks on this team and they know that each blanket counts for five items for contest purposes only. Like I said, they already have three for the contest! Yikes!

On this team are:


And finally, but not least:

Afghans for Afghans

These items need to be made of I think *at least* 80% wool, maybe more. On this team are:


So there we have it...please tag your entries this month as April Contest, Charity your items are for to help me keep track.

Remember, this is just a fun way to inspire extra crafting. I don't foresee anyone getting mean, but if it happens, the contest is over IMMEDIATELY.

The charity with the most items on May 4 will get a pledge from our entire group to make 50 items for that charity in May.

GO!!!! (and have fun) :)


robyn said...

let's go caron squares!! i'm stopping by the craft store tomorrow morning and picking up like five skeins, so hopefully it will put us in the lead fast!

but really? whoever wins? it will mean we've donated a TON of items for charity!!! any teasing i do will all be in good fun ...

reminder to my team, send me your squares via my po box, and i'll get pics posted up at some point (i've still got pics to post of some non-caron squares).

also. should i send all the non-caron squares i've got to the WUA team?

JorieJC2 said...

Please remember you have some Livejournal team members as well, so try to cross-post over there, fearless leader :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck to everyone in this. :)