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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

a few more squares and some other fo's

these are a few hats i'm donating to the neonatal center in my area. they look super long, but you turn them up so they have a brim. and no, i haven't woven in the ends yet. i tend to save htat for when i'm about four hours from taking a box of things to donate!

two more squares for the caron group. i swear they're not quite that bright, but i had the settings on my camera too light for the white sheet i took the picture on!


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
JorieJC2 said...

Awesome! So that's 2 hats and 2 squares, right?

Also, for some reason, every time you post a spammer comments...you might want to just check to make sure you don't have something going with your computer.

Sandy said...

I like the mutli colors, but am unfamiliar with the CAron group you referred to. I've not been back lately to see waht folks are doing, and as I'm trying to finish up some previous commitments, wonder if it's kosher to post things I've made previously? Gotta get the hang of this.

Would love you all to pop over to my blog; I've posted a sweater I FINALLY finished......thought I would never get it done; but trying to finish my already started items before I roll to much ahead...This was one of those items.

Hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of Spring and happy knitting and or crocheting all


Sandy said...

Ok.......I must be post challenged. I'm trying to see where I add a post with pics of my items and I'm not seeing it. I see areas like this; where I post comments on someone else's post; but where do I post and load pics?

Scratches head, mumbles to self