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Friday, April 18, 2008

Contest Update!!

Here we go folks...getting ready for a weekend of contest activity. Here's how our standings look.

How many people can we dress: 36

Chemo Caps: 30

Warm Up America: 26

Caron Square contest: 25

Afghans for Angels: 25

Afghans for Afghans: 3

Now, I don't want to say, motivate you guys any further, but let me say this...I have items to post for HMPCWD. Oh yes.

Just sayin. :)

Also, got an update from Afghans for Afghans today. They are looking for rectangular shawls for new mothers. They'll probably be collecting till July they think. They want non-airy designs but yarn that's light enough the women could wear it on their heads.

Check out the AforA site for more info.


We are almost at 1200 items and it's the middle of April. We are on track for hitting 2,000 way ahead of our goal. You all rock!!!

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