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Sunday, April 27, 2008

New Contests!!

Hi all!

I have two new exciting contests to announce :)

Regional Summer Contest

This contest will run from Memorial Day to Labor Day. The twist is that you all will team-up based on geographical locale. Thus, I need everyone who wants to participate to post the state where you live by May 4, 2008 on this entry. Based on the responses, I will divide the teams into regions so that the number of participants is essentially even. This contest is intended to be a community builder. The tally will begin on Memorial Day (May 26, 2008). This will give each team time to communicate and create strategies. Some suggestions:

1. once the regions are selected, pick a team captain

2. maybe organize a weekly time to IM with your team in order to motivate and encourage each other

3. if you are located within driving distance, get together in person :)

4. choose a team name

5. recruit local crafters to join your regional charity team -- if new recruits do not join the on-line community, then pictures must be posted by a member of Homespun Helpers in order to be counted

**regions will not be adjusted if teams are successful in recruiting new crafters**

Personal Achievement Contest

I was inspired to create this contest as way to honor all of you who put in much time and effort crafting so many incredible items for charity. I am a baker and a limited knitter, so my contribution to this community has mostly been organizational. I wanted to do something more meaningful. So here it is:

This contest will run from May to December. I will tally items made by individuals of this community. The first, second, and third place crafters will each receive a craft basket that I will put together over the coming months. I will post teaser pictures of the yarns I am gathering. I will NOT be shopping at JoAnne's or Michael's. Rather, I will be supporting independent craft stores that supply lush and beautiful yarn as well as fun accessories. The intention is to reward the winners with a decadent collection of yarns and some updated tools to further their crafty goodness.

~ Neither Joriejc2 or I will be eligible for this contest.
~ Tallying will begin May 1, 2008 and end December 15, 2008.
~ All items will be counted (i.e. items you make for the regional summer contest will count toward the personal contest as well).

General Guidelines for Contests

> Label all entries -- I really need your help with this because I will be moderating both contests, I really, really, really need you all to label!!

> Tallying will be based on April contest rules : preemie outfits will count as 1 item, blankets will count as 5, and everything else will count as 1 item.

> Questions/concerns should be posted as a comment here. If more personal, email me at jezebelsf@yahoo.com


robyn said...

robyn. omaha,ne

i want to play!!!

Jezebel said...

Excellent! Hopefully some more of the "bloggers" will join as well!