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Sunday, April 13, 2008

it's been a great week in contest-land!

Wowzers. You are all so incredible.Stepping aside from the contest and all of that, I would like to point to our year-long tally so far.

You all have donated and made 1,060 items already!!!! I am just floored. *sigh* Weepy.

So now back to the competition stuff, which is just going to be a photo finish I think. Are you ready?

How Many People Can We Dress: 78
Chemo Caps: 27
Afghans for Angels: 25
Caron Square Contest: 18
Afghans for Afghans: 3
WUA: 0

We are just to the half-way point of April, so anything could happen, and I bet it will. I have the sense that you square people are just going to explode all at once. Cuz square people...they're devious like that :)

Great work, everyone. Sincerely.

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