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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Regional Contest

Hi Everyone,

Kindergoth brought up whether we were doing the regional contest again this year. I'm all for it if you are, but I feel like we need to reduce a bit of the confusion, so if we move forward I'll be a bit more.......ehm....bossy about the rules :)

I'd like this to run at a time when the most people feel they would be available.

So, please comment here with your general region of living and what 3-month span this year would work best for you. I'll do my best to make ever'body happy :)

Answers will be noted for the next week, so you have till April 12.


1 comment:

miaosherow said...

I'm up for a 'challenge' whatever it may be.
I'm in SoCal, west coast, SW...