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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Penny Homespuns is go for launch

Okay folks,

I've started recruiting for Penny Homespuns!

I created a Facebook cause, which I'm assuming will be the best chance of spreading the word. There are three levels of sponsorship people can do, and 4 causes they can donate to.

Level 1: sponsor us during the Summer contest (Memorial Day-Labor Day)

Level 2: sponsor us during any 6-month period

Level 3: sponsor us from May 1-December 31

The causes are:

Doctors w/out Borders
the international arm of the Humane Society
the American Red Cross
World Wildlife Foundation

I've asked people to email homespunhelpers@gmail.com if they want to participate. Sponsors can certainly remain anonymous, but I need to know who is doing what. At the end of the year, we'll tally not only the items we've made but also the money we've helped collect for each of those charities.

If you on Facebook, look for the cause and join but if you are already crafting for Homespun Helpers, I absolutely feel that you do not also need to be a Penny Homespun -- you are doing enough! Don't feel obligated, just help me spread the word if you feel like it.

Thanks all!

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