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Sunday, April 19, 2009

A poll and some other stuff :)

Hi everybody,

Not many answers yet on the pennies idea but I think I'm going to create a poll about it anyway -- if you have deep-seated feelings against it, or any other thoughts, please let me know, but here is my more refined thinking on how it'll work:

Our sponsors will be called Penny Homespuns. Technically, the goal will be to get sponsors to pledge to donate a penny for every item we make and donate. In doing more thinking about this, I decided it would be better if we as a group determine what charity we want our sponsors to donate to -- I think that'll be more meaningful than having one person donate $5 to one charity, another person donating 75 cents to another, etc. Not that money is the point, but at the end of the year it'll be nice for us and our sponsors if we can all say, we raised blah blah dollars for this charity. Woo! Make sense?

So, I present a poll for your votes -- if this happens and we get Penny Homespuns, where would you like their donations to go?

1. Red Cross

2. AMFA (Aids organization)


4. Humane Society

5. Cam Neely House/Hospital (the one the "Cheers" guy donated to in Boston)

Or any others.

Also, some reminders...I've got my captain for Team Chowdahead, but I need my other captains! I'd like to try and have my captains figured out by the end of this week so you can have plenty of time to gather up your team members and see if you want to try for the 20 extra points!

We're halfway through April -- your chances of winning a prize at the end of the month in our drawing are pretty good because we have very few entrants! 1 item and you're in! Not urine...that'd be mean AND gross.

Also, before the month is out, try to check out a version of our group where you haven't been in a long time or ever. Your options include:





Yahoo Groups

I don't really count Twitter cuz that's really just kind of an alarm system :) But it is there...and you're welcome to follow!

Alright, I'll keep the "poll" open until next Sunday. Have a good week, everybody! :)

1 comment:

miaosherow said...

I'm a huge fan of animals and think that The Humane Society or The ASPCA would be great. It's cliche, but animals don't have voices we do; they need our help and our support. That's where I want all my collected pennies to go.