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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Regional Contest - Details1

Hi Everybody,

Today is the day! No, I'm not talking about Easter or the end of the weekend. It's the day I announce how this year's Regional Contest is going to work!

I'm going to try a few different things this year, but if any of them really make you want to pull your hair out...we can talk :)

So, first...it seemed like starting in June would work best for everyone, so once again, our contest will begin June 1 and end on Labor Day, whenever that may be. That's round about 3 months of competitive fun.

Second - because I am running the contest this year, my items aren't going to count for any team. I think that's fair.

Third, I see the teams breaking out like this:

The Chowdaheads (New England primarily)

Team Ohio (which can also include Michigan and Pennsylvania stragglers:))

Team Godzilla -- anyone not in Ohio or New England (that includes those of you who may be in, say, Korea...)

Team Arizona -- Ninja's slave shop!

So what's different this year?

I'm making these announcements early because I would like each of these teams to have a captain. The captain's job is basically to make sure that everyone on your team is tagging posts :)

Also, I will award 20 extra points if teams choose a single, local cause that they will work for and incorporate their community in their efforts.

I am also going to do away with counting different items at different amounts. It's true that some items are smaller, some are larger...some people knit like the wind, others knit like, well, me. But I don't want to devalue anybody's work. The key is that you are doing things! I hope that is okay with everyone.

What are you playing for? For the winning team, the top 4 producers will win a $25 gift certificate to a craft store of your choice. Again, I'll depend on the captains to help me keep track of who is really carrying your team.

I wish I could give more than that, but that is about as much as I can afford right now...I'll try to play the lottery lots between now and then :)

So that's it...please let me know who my captains will be, if there are any other teams, etc. And if you have any questions or concerns, just let me know!


miaosherow said...

Last I checked, the Cali Coast wasn't in Ohio or New England, so Godzilla me up! Is there a deadline or date by which we need to post for items to be counted?
Are there restrictions as far as to which charities we can help or...

Homespun said...

Team Godzilla it is :)

The contest will run from June 1-Labor Day, no limitations on what charity you donate for.

Keep an eye on the livejournal community in case someone decides to be captain or what have you :) Or if you want to be!