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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

vacation knits and crochets

Originally uploaded by craftyone77

so, this is what i did while on vacation last week. it's ten squares, one washcloth, and two hats, all going to charity. i've still got to update all the stuff i've been making and haven't posted, but it's a start at least!


Margie the Ladybug said...

Wow! Awesome :)

Did you get my hats okay?

Sandy said...

You had a pretty productive week. Love the purple hat with red trim. Looks cute. Where you sending you squares? Is that the Warm up Winchester or other charity? I like to keep a list of those that want squares. Nice things to do in between time, when time is short, when you want to use up a wee bit of yarn etc.


robyn said...

margie ... i got them. sorry i just saw this!

sandy - if you're looking for a place to send squares, make them 7 x 7 and send them to me! i'm starting up a collection for squares to make into blankets for people in my area. see "warmingomaha.blogspot.com" and check back here later for my big post about it!