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Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Call For Squares!

Inspired both by The Nest (which I've been making cowls for), and my burgeoning involvement with local organization Mosaic Community Development, I've started collecting squares under the moniker "Warming Omaha". My goal is to collect as many 7 x 7 acrylic yarn squares as I can between now and October 1, and then that first weekend in October a group of us are getting together to sew the squares together into blankets that will be distributed around Omaha to some of the people MCD works with.

This means that, for those of us that need to bump up our personal goal numbers, or for those of us that want to bust through a ton of scrap yarn during the Olympics, this is perfect! Hopefully there's a bunch of you out there in this group that are looking for some quick knitting and crocheting to occupy your time during these warm months and are willing to help me out.

Head on over to the Warming Omaha blog for all the sordid details and to get my PO Box for sending the squares, and hopefully you'll send them out as you get them done. I'll be photographing each square to put up on flickr and keep in a running banner in the sidebar of the site, so if you send me squares look for them to show up there.

Oh, and to start it off, I've made up these eleven pictured above, which also count towards my personal goal!

(I'm going to cross-post this to livejournal as well)

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