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Sunday, July 13, 2008

3,000 for 30

Hey everybody,

I have a little goal, and I'd like to set it out and see what happens.

On September 5, yours truly (i.e. me) will be turning the big 3-0. So I was thinking, wouldn't it be cool if we could make it to 3,000 by then? Then we'd have a whole three months to get the last bit towards our goal, and really, well, the 3 thing just is kind of neat :)

Let's see if we can do it!! It's not the most aggressive goal this group has reached!

1 comment:

Sandy said...

You're a babe in arms. lol Though I like the goal. Sorry bout my previous post (Girl Time in Baltimore). Got confused when I posted thinkinng I was on my page; when I added the rest of the post to my page, I meant to come back and delete.

got it done now though