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Monday, July 21, 2008

Up for air

I've been sadly negligent on this blog for a while now, so I thought I should definitely check in. The main reason for the neglect is that I haven't been doing a lot of charity knitting lately (that and I'm getting married in October). My original plan was to make 2008 the year of charity knitting, but I wanted to finish my WIPs first. Well, suffice it to say that hasn't happened. I finally finished cataloguing all my yarn on Ravelry and discovered that I have over 375 balls of yarn! This was enough to make me decide to forgive myself for not finishing all the WIPs and go ahead on some charity projects. Hopefully this will be just the break I need from the WIP guilt and I'll be motivated to get some of them done in the fall.

For now I'm working on a child's sweater for Warming Hands. It will be sent to Innu children in norther Labrador (I'm from Nova Scotia, so I have a definite soft spot for any charity in the Maritimes). They also collect for Dulaan, so if you live in Ottawa or Toronto (currently the only cities with drop-off locations) or anywhere else in Canada and don't want to mail your Dulaan donation to the States, I highly recommend this group. Come on, Canucks! We need to get more Canadian Charity groups on the sidebar! :) I'll post a picture of the sweater in a few days; the only picture I have on file is from weeks ago and it seems silly to post that now and then post a finished picture in a day or two.

I also wanted to let everyone know about this. Melanie Falick is offering her pattern for the Alternating Current mittens for free, with a request that anyone who uses it makes at least one pair for someone in need. So check it out, it looks like a great quick mitten pattern for charity projects.

1 comment:

Margie the Ladybug said...

No guilt! No guilt! Looking forward to what you come up with :)