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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Regional Summer Contest Update # 2

Wow! Some serious crafting has gone on in the last month! I am on vacation, so I am not being as detailed as the previous update. Here are the team totals:

Team Ohio: 75 
Team  Godzilla: 16
Team New England: 40
Team Dust Devils: 95

Way to go, y'all! I hope everyone has a happy and safe 4th of July :)


Sandy said...

Nice totals....over 200 items there donated to charity....well done all.

Hope you're having a nice vacation and share some pics when you get back. I've posted some on my last 2 blogs, as I just got back in town a few days ago from our vacation.

Happy Stitching all...and once again
Go Ohio, Knit Ohio, Crochet Ohio, Sew Ohio...Go Go Go!


ashley said...

Maybe I'm commenting in the wrong area. But I e-mailed the address at the top of the page to join, and it's been a week and I haven't heard back. Or at least I think it's been about a week. lol. If the wonderful person in charge of this site could please e-mail me back, I'd greatly appreciate it!


Jezebel said...

Ashley ... we would love to have you join team Ohio. Simply post your completed items and they will be counted toward the team total.

I am sorry if I missed an earlier comment!