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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

WuA Squares for the contest

Here are 17 squares for Warm Up America which I guess also count towards the squares contest. I'm not going to get anymore done this week as I'm Busy.

They're all made with worsted weight acrylic other than the brown ones which are two strands of DK weight held together and somehow manage to be phenomenally soft and squishy :) They're mostly garter stitch as I can do that without thinking about it too much. The grey three are a bit experimental but I'm throwing them in there as they'll probably be useful.

I'm making progress through my (quite small, to be fair) acrylic stash and am going to keep going with that for a while so won't be sending them off just yet.

WuA squares

Looking forward to seeing everyone's final tallies.


doclegs said...

Awesome! How cool did those verigated ones turn out, eh? :)

JorieJC2 said...

Yeah, that middle row is clearly the row of stars.

They're all awesome, don't get me wrong. But the cream and the variegated doth rise to the top :)