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Sunday, July 1, 2007

We have a winner

Wow - all I can say is WOW. We have 208 total squares finished since the start of this contest (of course Jorie and I are not counting ourselves, but we are working on some too.)

Anyway - We have a winner.

jpettibone with 43 has won a beautiful skein of Cherry tree Hill yarn donated by Priscilla.

A list of the contenders:
jepttibone - 43
treehugger 06 - 37
doclegs - 31
craftyone - 16
littleknittinkitten - 14
gypsyamaranta - 13
Priscilla - 13
Venka - 6
nenhnaa - 5
zipper208 - 3
zortified - 2

If you are not listed above it is because you didn't tag your post and I couldn't find it easily. If your total is not correct or missing, please email the gamil account with your total, the date of post and that you have added the tags and I will make sure you are counted toward the final contest counts.

congrats and it isn't too late to get in the lead. I mean squares are fast, fun and go to a good cause.

(and yes, I redid this post from the LJ one - blogger is being a pain and wouldn't let me post it over OR edit it to make it bloggerific happy - just in case you are wondering)

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