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Thursday, July 26, 2007

the simple way

** not about what i've been crafting, but about a community i love and their desperate and emminent need for help. as they rebuild i will be contacting them to see what they need, and will be most likely asking for some help from you all. for now, i wanted to share the "why" of it all so you would know what's up when i put out the call to craft.**

almost a month ago now, the houses owned by the simple way, along with many houses in Kensington, Philly PA were destroyed in a 7-alarm fire. i'm rather slow on the uptake with posting about this, but it's something that is pretty upsetting to me. much of the community organization meeting stuff they were doing, a small screen-printing business, their after-school programs and most of their personal belongings were destroyed by the fire. and while they're in the slow process of rebuilding, it's a huge tragedy and they need so much right now. i've linked to their website where you can see pictures of the fire, as well as read more about it all, and what they do in this amazing and poor and beautiful neighborhood i've always wanted to call home above all other spaces in the world. they've got a donations button up there, and if you feel moved to help in rebuilding not only their homes but the neighborhood, please use it. but mostly, just send them prayers and good thoughts as they attempt to rebuild their corner of the world.

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